ENFP and ESTJ friend convos #2

Enfp: *hears crunchy shifting noise over the phone* are you jerking off, is that why its crunchy noise?

ESTJ: no...*laughs* first of all why the fuck would it sound crunchy?!

Enfp: idk....maybe your dick is made out of chex mix?

Estj: wtf chex mix? U couldn't think of something better?!

Enfp and Estj friendship convos #4

Enfp: niniiiii...

Estj: *sighs* yes?

Enfp: me querais?! *hugs extremely tight*

Estj: *responds wheezingly* y-yes...i lo...ve u...

Enfp: *hugs more* yay!!...*thinks* how much do u love me?

Estj: u know.

Enfp: come on nini say it! Pleaseeeeee!!!! *pouts*

Estj: u know.

Enfp: pleaseeeee!!!! *hugs even tighter*

Estj: j-jesus! Woman you're g-going to...kill...me!

enfp: *lets go and looks at him apologetically, and with puppy dog eyes*

Estj: *sighs* a lot.

Enfp: *hugs* awwwww how cute nini!!! I love you a lot too^^!!

Estj: I'm not saying it again.... -_-.

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Enfp and Estj friendship convos #3

Enfp: ive always said this cus i know it's true. "God bless the man can deal with me". Cus, nini, i know I'm a handful.

Estj: *laughs*

Enfp: *knows estj too that in a dirty context, plays along* well u know it's true. I'm a handful in more ways than one.

Estj: *laughs harder* don't even, i know where you're going with this.

Enfp: *joins in on the fits of laughter*

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"You do that shit on purpose don’t u? U know i can’t help but believe and hope that by some miracle this time will be different. U love to promise me your time, u love to tell me you’ll be there….u love to tell me everything i want and need to hear just so u can dash my hopes and break me again. I see u smirk each time and watch u go spend your time somewhere else, with other people. I’m not good enough. And i get that. Theres way more exciting people than me…i understand that….but i hope u understand that each time u dash my hopes brings me closer to not believing in u. And although u may not believe it….one day, when you’re bored and decide u wanna spend time with me, i won’t be there. I’ll be too busy. Happily living my life alongside someone who desires to give me their time because they know that thats how they can love me."
- Me (via iwannabetherecusiloveu)

(via iwannabetherecusiloveu)